Does Your Home Need Stucco Coating?

Home builders know what stucco is but some property owners may not. Simply defined, stucco is a cement-based plaster that’s applied over the walls and surfaces of homes and buildings. Stucco is actually composed of sand, lime, and cement.

When stucco hardens, it turns into a durable material that requires little to no maintenance. Stucco is added to achieve a certain texture and finish on the walls. But while the most obvious advantage of applying stucco is to improve the look of your home, there’s actually more to it than that.

How is Stucco Applied?

Expert stucco contractors place a lath on the wall to help the material adhere tightly to the surface. Then three coats will be applied over the lath. The first coat is called the scratch coat, the second is the brown coat, and the third is the finish coat.

The scratch coat serves as the strong base of the system as it will be embedded into the metal lath. The brown coat is applied next and its purpose is to provide an even surface for the finishing coat. The finish coat is the one that creates a decorative texture on the surface of the wall.

How is Stucco Mixed?

Stucco consists of three materials, such as cement, lime, and sand. Oftentimes, all of these are mixed onsite with water. There’s pre-mixed stucco available but it doesn’t include water, just the three dry ingredients. It’s not possible to buy stucco in its pre-installation form because it hardens easily. The easiest solution is the commercially prepared stucco mixes which are usually good for most types of construction projects

It’s possible to mix your own stucco, which is what most experienced contractors do. To make stucco patty, the usual composition followed is three parts sand, one part Portland cement, and hydrated lime in a quantity that’s 10% of the cement.

How to Hire Stucco Contractors

When hiring stucco contractors, be sure that you’re dealing a people who are well-experienced in its installation and repair. The best contractors are those that have the tools, equipment, and expertise in mixing stucco onsite and adding the desired texture and color to it.

Stucco can be applied with or without pigment and your contractor should be able to give you sound suggestions as to which shade and texture are perfect on your walls. While beige, white, and the natural gray color of stucco are the ones most commonly used, the use of warm colors such as orange, pink, and yellow are gaining popularity as well.

HFinding Stucco Contractors Near You

For superior stucco services in West Palm Beach, simply look for experienced contractors that can provide you with high-quality services. There are not a lot of them out there so it shouldn’t be too hard to find contractors that are experienced enough to apply, install, or repair the stucco in your home. Be sure to deal only with reputable service providers to protect your interests. Do a background check and don’t forget to request a quote.

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